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The Parish Chest

Lansallos Churchyard

to the memory of Thomas Coath
Of this parish
Who died Nov 14th 1864
Aged 49 years
Also Louisa his wife
Who died June 1st 1865
Aged 41 years
"Grave the guardian of her dust
Grave the treasury of the skies
Every atom of thy trust
Rests in hope again to rise"

This stone is erected by their son Thomas Coath

To the memory of
William Coath
(of Kellow)
of this parish
who died 30th May 1876
aged 81 years
In memory of
Helena Grace Coath
Died 19th July 1934 aged 68 years
George Coath
Died 30th Sept 1940 aged 76 years
Mary Alice Coath
Died 11th Feb 1941 aged 76 years
Henrietta Georgina Coath
Died 10th Feb 1955 aged 84 years
All formerly of Raphael Manor
Maker Churchyard
In Loving Remembrance
Thy will be done
The beloved wife of William Coath
Who died at Mount Edgecumbe Garden
January 9th 1894
Aged 61 years
Sweetly sleeping safe in her redeemers keeping
Also William Coath
Husband of the above
Who died March 28th 1898
Aged 75 years
Father in thy gracious keeping
Love we now thy servants sleeping

To the memory of
Lucy Ann
The beloved wife of
John Coath
of Empacombe
Fifty Two years she passed a married life
a tender mother,true and faithful wife
she departed this life
20th May 1872 in the
77th year of her life

Also in loving rememberance
of the above named
John Coath
who died April 12 1883
in his 90th year
Interred at Maker churchyard
April 12th 1883


Thanks to Veronica Coath for this photo
Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth
In loving memory of
The wife of Walter Coath
Who died 10th May 1884 aged 64 years
Also of her son
John Williams Coath
Murdered by savages in the Island of
Espirito Santo
On the 2nd April 1874 aged 35 years
Also of Walter Coath
Husband of the above
Who died 18th October 1896 aged 82 years
Also of
Daughter of the above
Born 27th February 1843, died 2nd July 1923
Also of
Daughter of the above
Born 13th September 1851, died 14th December 1935
Plymstock Churchyard, Devon
to the memory of
Leonora Coath
Who died 23 February 1876
Aged 69 Years

Also of Kitty Coath
Niece of the above
Died October 22nd 1891
Aged 77 years

Rebecca Penrose Hartnell
Died July 19th 1895
Aged 77 years

To the memory of Thomas
The son of Robert and Rebecca Coath
Who departed this life
January the 17th the year of our lord 1797
Aged 1 year 3 months
Sacred to the memory of Emma Coath
Daughter of John and Mary Evea
Who departed this life Nov 26 1856
Aged 16 years

Here lies the body of
Elizabeth Coath
Wife of Robert Coath Jnr
Who died 22 Dec 1813
Aged 20 years
Though lost to sight her memory dear
Also Thomas Storey Coath
Son of the above
Aged 8 weeks


Sacred to the memory of Rebecca Penrose
Who departed this life the 12th day of June 1804
Aged 72 years
Also John Penrose Coath
Son of John Penrose and Rebecca Coath
Who departed this life the 19th day of March 1811
Aged 3 months
Polperro New Road Cemetery

Sacred to the memory of
Susan Ann Coath
Died 6th Aug 1924 aged 71 years
also Captain Thomas Coath
Age 53
also Frederick Daniel
Aged 10
Beloved husband and youngest son
Of the above who died at sea through the loss of the ship Ormsary of Greenock. Presumably in Sept 1906

Caroline Louise
Died June 22nd 1897
Aged 6

Thomas Rendle
Died Nov 19th 1905
Aged 28
Interred at
Marylebone Cemetery

St Blazey Gate Churchyard

Memory of
The beloved wife of
Joseph Coath
Of this Parish
Born 21st May 1805
Died 14th Feb 1881

Also of
Joseph Deeble Coath
Who fell asleep at Porth, Par 11th Jan
1891, aged 80 years